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Simone Silvestroni, web designer and developer

Based in Cambridge, UK, I’ve been designing and coding accessible and performant websites since 1998, using HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, and Jekyll.

My key skill is turning raw sketched ideas into live interfaces, studying and modifying them through user testing, always keeping a strong eye to usability, performance, and good design balance.

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I spent 25 years focusing on web standards and accessibility. Experienced in front-end development, UI design and custom WordPress systems, while also familiar with back-end, I strive for minimalism and optimisation.

Considering performance, usability, and sustainability as primary design choices, I apply the same principles to development through a relentless tech stack optimisation.



Web designer and developer, Co-founder at UI Farm Ltd

2012-2017, London (UK)

Co-founder, web designer and UI developer, I worked for large clients, including Reevoo, Not On The High Street, UniCredit, Elite, Women Management, APM Models, Coral, SITA. At UI Farm, we pioneered responsive web design, where I contributed to build a bespoke responsive framework on top of WordPress (theme, child theme and custom plug-ins), featuring a performance-first approach.

Relevant projects

  1. Reevoo corporate website and blog
  2. UniCredit Bank
  3. Not On The High Street corporate blog
  4. Corporate websites for Elite’s Women Management
  5. Coral web performance optimisations


Senior UI designer and developer at Bodog

2011-2012, London (UK)

Within an Agile environment, I developed gaming and e-sport web applications with the accompanying websites — including the then flagship — using SASS, Drupal (PHP), Javascript, LAMP, SVN.

Relevant projects

  1. Bodog corporate website

Web developer and UX lead at New Energy (part of Accenture)

2005-2011, Milan (Italy)

I joined New Energy as a UI developer, getting promoted within a few years to leader of a multi-disciplinary UX team. In that role, I worked mainly with UniCredit, the second largest bank in Italy, which bore a responsibility to influence million of people each day. Beside their online corporate activities, I produced mockups and working prototypes for the in-house usability tests; helped setting up the internal usability test lab, and led the A/B testing workflow, including research and development for eye-tracking.

Relevant projects

  1. UniCredit corporate website
  2. UniCredit online acquisition landing pages
  3. UniCredit online banking
  4. UniCredit multilanguage usability tests
  5. UniCredit private banking website
  6. Credem corporate redesign


  • UX conference — Lugano, 2011
  • Norman Nielsen Usability Week — London, 2010
  • UX camp — Florence, 2009
  • Dynamic websites with PHP — Milan, 2008

Web designer and developer at Playstos Entertainment

2000-2005, Milan (Italy)

While working as a sound designer for the PlayStation 2 video game Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy, published by Natsume, I was also in charge of the design and development of the company website, its subsidiaries and the games websites.

Relevant projects

  1. Playstos Entertainment (2004 version)
  2. Ruff Trigger game website

Web designer and developer at Freelance

1998-2006, Milan (Italy)

After 5 years working as editor and print designer, I learned to code for the web. The first professional forays in the field had been the debut website for a well-known feminist collective in Milan, Libreria delle donne, and a network of websites for touch-screen systems in Milan, in collaboration with L’Oréal and Aldo Coppola.

I fell in love with HTML, CSS, and accessibility, especially after the publication of Jeffrey Zeldman’s book “Designing with Web Standards”.

Relevant projects

  1. Libreria delle Donne di Milano
  2. Dreamnautica (in Italian)


  • International Webmaster Association — Milan, 2005
  • Web Accessibility: a Law to be Applied — Venice, 2004


Exploiting an innate attraction for learning how things work, I can build, repair, and maintain computers as well as other hardware. As a system agnostic, I can install, run, and maintain any operating system, whether that be macOS (my favourite), *nix-based systems, or Windows.



Check out the full list on LinkedIn.

When passion goes beyond working duties... here’s Simone. Addiction and reliability are two great details you can’t easily find nowadays in a professional, and he gets both. Jean-Claude Nouchy (FX Supervisor at Scanline VFX)

Simply put, Simone is one of the most passionate front-end developers that I have ever come across. His knowledge on UI and UX is vast and combine this with his development skills, he is one of the finest front-end developers out there. It was a pleasure to manage and work with Simone and I hope to get the chance again in the future. Neil Kenneth Palmer (VP of product development at C6 Marketing)

Simone was an integral member of our team. His passion for the web and careful and persistent work ethic meant that he delivered consistently above expectations. His initiative is impressive. His experience makes him an expert in his field; has a firm understanding of front-end web. With his sharp sense of humor, he would make a wonderful addition to any web team! Michelle Anderson (Staff engineer at Deliveroo)

My experience of working with Simone has always been very positive and enjoyable. Simone always takes a pragmatic and investigative approach to finding solutions for our needs and has very friendly and helpful attitude. His attention to detail makes him always deliver perfect coded products, saving us time and concerns on the web projects he develops. Gabriele Rosati (UX and interaction design manager at UniCredit)

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